How to KILL Yourself

The world we live in is constantly on the go; but we have, paradoxically, never been more sedentary. There was once a time during which finding something to eat involved hunting, foraging, or harvesting. Now all I have to do is access the Papa John’s app on my Kindle, and am met with nothing more strenuous as opening my front door to greet the pizza guy.

Now, I am no Luddite, but it seems that as soon as society got off the farms and moved into the cities we spend the extreme majority of our days nearly immobile. Whether we are on the phone, working on a computer, writing, or watching television we do it all while sitting. And this begs the question: what does all this sitting do to our bodies?

Below you will find various facts related to the impact that constant sitting has on our lives. Have a look. I hope it scares you.


Pretty scary stuff. Like most of you, I’ve come across articles that have similar messages before but this one seemed to have gotten through (it was probably the spooky demon!). So after I read this I started to devise ways perform my work functions while standing – including phone calls and typing (even this article was created while on my feet!). Honestly, the more I read on the subject the more I am convinced that significantly better health can be found from simply finding ways to stay in motion each day.


So how do you keep moving?




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