Women are SO Stupid!

Holy hell, women can be stupid sometimes. And I don’t mean “left the laundry in the washing machine overnight” stupid. I’m talking about “left the front door wide open while on vacation with a big neon sign in the front yard that reads FREE STUFF INSIDE” stupid.

Let me tell you a little story so you know where this article is coming from. I recently had a conversation with a woman very near and dear to me in which she described an odd encounter with some random guy in the Walmart parking lot. She had her dog with her when some guy approaches and strikes up a conversation about said dog, “Oh, he’s very cute…blah blah”. And after a few moments he asks her if she is alone and she replies, “Yes I am”.

See what I mean about that second kind of stupid?

For those of you not familiar with the excellent book, “The Gift of Fear” this is nearly a textbook examples of how to end up on a milk carton (do they still even do that anymore?). So anyway, after I reprimanded her on her idiocy and educating her on how she should handle a future situation should she ever get approached by strange men in parking lots in the future, I began to think about how women, wanting to be nice or friendly or being just plain oblivious, STUPIDLY place themselves in harms way. Here is my short, and very incomplete list. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

  1. Talking to ANYONE who approaches her in a parking lot.
  2. Ignoring that feeling in the back of her mind about the guy she’s talking to.
  3. Giving ANY information to strangers about where she’s going, who she’ll be with, how long she’ll be gone, and (as a bonus) whether anyone knows she’ll be there.
  4. Treating Facebook like a private diary.
  5. Getting too drunk and relying on a guy SHE JUST MET to get her home safe.

Stupid, right? Now I’ll tell you another story about a different girl I know – this one is about number 5. And this being a true story we’ll call this girl Jen. Some years ago Jen was a college freshman and it was the first big party of the school year. She was eager to meet new people and make friends and, being an exceptionally cute girl, had no trouble getting drinks despite being only 18.
Well as the night wore on Jen ended up meeting another college freshman from out of town and the two of them began chatting while the party raged on. She liked him, but she made it clear she had a serious boyfriend and had no romantic interest. He was nice, paid attention to what she was saying, and had a sense of humor. In fact, the more drunk she got the funnier his jokes became…at least until the point where she was too drunk to really get the punchlines. And when she announced that she was going to head back to her room he offered to help her get there. She declined at first but, not wanting to be rude to a new friend, eventually accepted. Besides, as he pointed out, she could probably pass out in the grass half way to her room and she didn’t want rumors to start about her so early in the school year.

So as they walked back, Jen told him all sorts of information. She told him her major, class schedule, and that her roommate would be out late. Ten minutes later there they were, standing at her dorm room entrance while she fumbled with the keys in the dark. The door opened. They walked inside.

She didn’t even remember his name.


At this point you could assumed this true story ends with the rape of a naive college girl. And it easily could have. Fortunately for her I was the guy she met at this party and after I helped her get her shoes off and put her to bed, on her side (with her clothes on), I sat down and played Mario Kart 64 while I waited for her roommate to get back so she could keep an eye on her.


Again, see what I mean about how INCREDIBLY stupid women can be?

“Now hang on, Brett, that’s not fair”. “Don’t be sexist!” “Men do all sorts of stupid things”. “Blah blah blah”. All of this is true. And all of this is irrelevant. I’m talking about YOU and YOUR life.

I’m probably wasting my breath, though. Odds are very good you’re so busy being angry that I would broad stroke your entire gender into one category just because of two dumb girls that you are missing my bigger message (incidentally, that is a very stupid thing to do). You’re probably shocked that a guy in today’s day and age would go as far as to call you stupid when every other man you meet just bobs his head like an idiot to anything you say.

Good. I hope you’re angry with me. Because that’s what every woman needs.

You see, on the internet, rage is to viral spread as dry grass is to fire and what is important is getting my message out. Because the women who read my blog are all martial artists and already know how NOT to abdicate personal responsibility in the name of fun or ignorance. It is the women who are not trained to think about their safety I want to reach. See, I need you to be angry so that you’ll forward this article to every militant feminist you know, blow up my inbox with hate, and lambast me as some kind of misogynist in the comments section. They, in turn, will spread this to every one they know. I want you all pissed off and paying attention so that, God willing, some drunk girl somewhere won’t be stupid enough to trust a guy she just met to walk her home.




3 thoughts on “Women are SO Stupid!

  1. Enjoyed your article!

    I was alone at work the other day and I was waiting for a truck to make a pickup in the warehouse. There were no other cars in the lot. I knew the truck driver and the trucking company. I must have mentioned I was alone because I needed help loading the shipment. The truck driver scolded me for admitting I was alone in the building.

    Even women martial artists need reminding sometimes. :)

    Well done!

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